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Over the last couple of weeks, I got to chat with Chris Moyer an incredibly interesting Investor, full-time employee, and soon-to-be best-selling author (I’m calling it now). In Chris’ Bio, he describes his time spent working for the world’s largest bowling equipment manufacturer (QubicaAMF) by day, and Real Estate entrepreneur (Moyer Properties) by night and weekends.

In my conversation with Chris, I discovered his aspirations to write a book, his passion for giving back to the community, and even his 34-unit deal that almost wasn’t. So, let’s go through each of those topics and see what he had to say.

Real Estate Meetups

While reading Chris’ bio I learned that he’s running a successful real estate meetup. Having a lot of interest in meetups personally, I wanted to find out more about the one he’s running. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Josh: First, I want to ask about the Meetup because I am interested in attending one (I’ve never done so before). What’s your meetup like? How do people sign up to attend? What’s the general schedule like at one?

Chris: The meetup has changed a little over time, but we’re hosting one every 3 months right now and partnering with a few others to get more traction. We moved it from after work to during the day so attendees don’t have to miss family time and be more of a business casual meeting versus something after and other commitments get in the way. Currently, our next one is scheduled for January, but we don’t have a location or time picked out yet, so it might be something we hit on for a high level. Topics will range from different ways to invest in real estate, to possibly some experts in the industry that talk – Property management, Lawyer, Banker, etc.

Josh: That sounds cool! I’ve heard these types of groups can be heavy on the sales pitches but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here. How does one get an invite to the next one that happens?

Chris: Yeah we’re not selling anything, it’s all about growth education, and motivation. 

Follow Chris on Facebook (links below) for the invite to the next event!

Writing A Book

Having just interviewed Charleston Girley who’s written a book I was surprised to see my next interviewee is working on one too. After talking with Chris, reading his bios, and getting to know him personally I have no doubt his book is going to be a good one. Let’s dive in:

Josh: Moving on to the book. Can you tell me anything about that? Do you have an outline? Can you share any details about it?

Chris: I want to give people a roadmap when all might seem lost or when someone has told them there’s no chance to be something. Or if they have negative self-talk there’s a path, and this book is your guide along the way to whatever your version of success might be.

Goals of this book:

  • Motivate readers to get up and live a life with no regrets
  • Summarize my story and resonate with the reader.
  • Let the reader know that anyone can have an amazing life and have everything they’ve ever wanted
  • Doesn’t take money to become wealthy
  • Summarize what I’ve learned over the past few years from all sorts of podcasts, meetings, friendships, work relationships, etc.
    • Put it into one spot to make it easy for the reader to accelerate and start living that amazing life they deserve
  • How to manage multiple businesses while still having a W2 job, and still having time for life
    • Saying you don’t have enough time is just an excuse to make yourself feel good 
    • (Expand on this much deeper)
  • Give people a roadmap when all might seem lost or when someone has told them there’s no chance to be something. Or if they have negative self-talk there’s a path, and this book is your guide along the way to whatever your version of success might be

Josh: Honestly, I want to read that book when you publish it. Please let me know when it releases and I’ll probably be one of your first buyers!

Chris: That’ll be awesome, the goal is to get it out and published by the end of next year.

Helping Foster Families

When I read in Chris’ bio that he was trying to help foster families every year I couldn’t help but like him a little more than I already did. Having fostered animals and, before my daughter, been in the process of fostering children I hold a special place for those who foster. Here’s what he had to say about his generosity: 

Josh: So my final question from the Bio: helping foster families. This one has a special place for me. Before my daughter, we were filling out paperwork to become a foster family. My wife and I have a huge respect for families that can take someone into their home and give them warmth and love. So obviously I think it’s wonderful that you are personally trying to help those families. Do you have a story that inspired you to do this for them?

Chris: What inspired us to do this was our mentor Rod Khleif because we got around a lot of people who give back, and we wanted to do that as well. We didn’t want people to spend the holidays without a nice meal. Our mentor and the mastermind we are around really motivated us to do more.

Josh: Are you accepting contributions to help meet the goal?

Chris: Not this year we’re doing it ourselves. Next year we’re going to escalate and will need help!

Build Connections, Make Deals

In our final topic, I wanted to see if there was anything we could learn from Chris’ experiences. Here’s what he had to say:

Josh: Can you tell me about a deal that didn’t go exactly how you planned? What did you have to do to close it? Did you learn anything from it that you think others should know?

Chris: Our last acquisition in Searcy, a 34-unit complex, we were going with a local bank for the debt and they pulled out 3 days before our money went hard. So our money went hard with no loan commitment and worked our tails off to get to the close. So what I would say is make sure to never put your eggs in one basket and work with a few banks and just be honest with them and let them know you’re asking multiple people for financing. Relationships are super important which include banks, realtors, brokers, insurance agents, GCs, etc… Talk to people and get super freaking connected if you want to do this

  • Understanding the Lingo GC: A General Contractor, commonly referred to as GC, is responsible for managing and overseeing construction projects from start to finish. They are responsible for hiring subcontractors, ensuring that the project stays on schedule and within budget, and communicating with the client throughout the entire process.

Josh: I would have been sweating bullets! I think building relationships is good advice. Honestly, this blog series has been great for doing just that!

Chris: Yeah relationships are everything. It takes a team to scale any business, including real estate. You can’t do it yourself

In conclusion, Chris Moyer is an inspiring individual with a passion for real estate, community service, and entrepreneurship. His story is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude. In our conversation, we explored his real estate meetups, his aspirations to write a book, and his efforts to help foster families. Chris’s book, which aims to motivate and inspire readers to live their best lives, is set to be published next year, and we can’t wait to read it! We wish Chris all the best in his future endeavors and hope that his story will continue to inspire others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in their communities.

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