Meeting the Local Experts of NEA: Chris Moyer

Fulltime Employee & Entrepreneur Welcome back to Meeting the Local Experts of NEA! Over the last couple of weeks, I got to chat with Chris Moyer an incredibly interesting Investor, full-time employee, and soon-to-be best-selling author (I’m calling it now). In Chris’ Bio, he describes his time spent working for the world’s largest bowling equipment … Continued

Meeting the Local Experts of NEA: Charleston Girley

Real Estate Investor and Author Welcome to ‘Meeting the Local Experts of NEA,’ our exclusive interview-style blog series that delves into the captivating stories and insights of Northeast Arkansas’ most prominent figures in the real estate industry. Join us as we explore the experiences, expertise, and journeys of local real estate professionals, investors, and experts. … Continued

How to Get Funding for Your Northeast Arkansas Investment Property

Funding for investment property is available from conventional lenders, and some private investors may be willing to help you get started. However, as with all investments, you should always weigh your risks. If you arere looking for guidance on financing to help you grow your real estate portfolio, read on as we explore how to … Continued

3 Unique Ways to Sell a House in Northeast Arkansas

Many unique sales methods can significantly increase your odds when you want to sell a house if you are concerned about attracting the right buyer to your door. Or maybe you’ve been trying to sell a house and haven’t gotten any bites. It can be highly disheartening for your home to sit on the market … Continued

3 Ways the Real Estate Market is Changing in Northeast Arkansas

Along with the progress of every industry, the real estate market is changing, and more people are avoiding agents altogether in their transactions. Alternative solutions are much easier to find with the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, and as with other industries, a new option has emerged for buyers and sellers. So read on as … Continued